The new and improved Hookah Freak is here - and some flavors have been made anew!

Here’s a little something to help you on your journey!

Afternoon Delight Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Afternoon Delight
Spicy? Fizzy? NUTTY? Three things that shouldn’t work well together mix in an amazingly unique fashion, making Afternoon Delight a sweet tingle on your tastebuds.

Apocalypse Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

The tounge tingling sensation of eucalyptus and the cooling taste of mint mixed to perfection.

Apple Jax Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Apple Jax
Apple Jax is a mouth watering blend of sweet glazed apples sprinkled with cinnamon with an extra hint of buttery goodness in the background.

Atomic Fireball Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Atomic Fireball
This freak favorite has a strong burst of Cinnamon with a smooth, sweet undertone that will make any candy fan go crazy.

Berry Bang Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Berry Bang
Sweet succulent berries with fresh mint and lemon wafted over them. The ultimate berry blend to sit back and relax with!

Blueberry Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Blueberry Pancakes
The name says it all – freshly griddled pancakes spackled with blueberries. What more could you want?

Can't Stop the Crooks Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Can't Stop the Crooks
On the streets of L.A., the crooks got to keep their hustle up! Inspired by the cocktail L.A. Water, this blend of fruits with a splash of cola is sure to keep your swag up.

Cherry Vanilla Float Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Cherry Vanilla Float
A smokey twist on the old-timey classic, this sweet blend of cola, vanilla and cherry comes together to form the perfect dessert shisha.

Citrus Assault Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Citrus Assault
A tangy foray into a battlefield of flavor! This blend has a hint of mint and berry on the exhale, but everything else is pure, citrusy delight!

Colonel Pop Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Colonel Pop
The perfect shisha for movie night, what could be better than a favorite movie, bowl of popcorn and a hookah packed with colonel pop? The delicious taste and smell of this shisha will make you feel like your at the theater.

Dazed & COnfuzed Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Dazed & Confuzed
A mix that will leave you staggering with its complexity. If you want something that will leave you dazed and confused, this blend of berries, mints, citrus flavors, and… is that a cherry on top? Yes it is! You have to try it to believe it.

Freak's Choice Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Freak's Choice
The Freak himself has remastered the Freak’s Choice flavor, turning it into something even more amazing. Fresh cantaloupe dipped in almond butter with a sweet citrus bite at the end.

Grapeful Dead Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Grapeful Dead
A refreshing blast of grapes, citrus, and champagne. This delectable smoke will captivate the senses and wrap you in a wonderful daze of flavor.

Grappleberry Blast Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Grappleberry Blast
A luscious mix of grape and berry to tantalize and tickle your taste buds! Sure to please both your mouth and your lungs!

Half Baked Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Half Baked
A weird mix that will delight your senses – it starts out with a spicy fruit flavor that shifts into a buttery mold of goodness and ends off with an earthy, unwashed tobacco tone.

Contains real peanut oil.

Holy Shisha Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Holy Shisha
A spicy, traditional flavor that will take you back to the old ways of smoking with a spicy double apple with an sweet kick in the background.

King Kong Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

King Kong
A chest-beating blend of sweet, creamy peanut butter with graham crackers and King Kong’s favorite snack…Bananas!

Kryp2nite Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

An audacious medley of fresh mint, succulent watermelon, and a curious essence of exotic spice with which to round out the blend. A little hot, a little cold, and a whole lot of wow, kryp2nite is the premiere in the synthesis of superhuman flavor served up straight from Planet Krypton.

Long Island Ice Tea Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Long Island Ice Tea
The infamous drink now comes in shisha form – it won’t get you drunk, but it might give you a buzz!

Mad Hatter Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Mad Hatter
What did the Mad Hatter really have in those teapots? We’ll never know --- but this spicy yet cooling kiwi tea flavor might be on the right track!

Mojo Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

A complex flavor sure to increase your mojo with its great taste and huge clouds.

Mr. Bean Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Mr. Bean
The perfect cup of coffee, with just the right amount of cream and sugar, that's how Mr. Bean does it.

November Rain Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

November Rain
A delicious pumpkin spice dessert to help ease the pain, because nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain..

Peanut Butta Jelly Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Peanut Butta Jelly
Like the good old classic sandwich, this perfect mixture has the flavors of mushed up peanuts and a delightful fruit jelly. Sadly, you have to be 18 or older to enjoy this one.

Contains real peanut oil.

Pineapple Xpress Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Pineapple Xpress
This blend of citrus and cool mint notes mixed together with one of your favorite island drinks will take you away to a tropical tiki-hut where you can soak up some rays and throw back some drinks with great company and better conversations.

Rich & Smooth Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Rich & Smooth
Rich and Smooth, like a succulent almond butter spread over a cinnamon stick and sprinkled with vanilla extract. Truly a flavor that lives up to its name!

Sahara Mimosa Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Sahara Mimosa
Ever wanted the perfect shisha to go along with brunch? This sweet and tangy mimosa flavor will turn your breakfast-lunch hybrid into the best ever!

Scooby Snack Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Scooby Snack
This Melon-based flavor has a rich, creamy undertone that makes it so delicious, it’s no wonder that an addled youth and his scaredy-cat dog went bonkers for it!

Smashing Pumpkin Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Smashing Pumpkin
A twist on the traditional pumpkin pie that hits like a truck. If you want to smoke a slice of the most bodacious pumpkin pie ever, give Smashing Pumpkin a try!

Snicker Doodle Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Snicker Doodle
Take the old cinnamon cookie that you normally associate with snicker doodles and add some extra spice and kick to it… suddenly you’re in the Freak’s world of Snicker Doodle goodness!

Spiced Apple Cider Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Spiced Apple Cider
A classic blend that brings Fall to your hookah. If you want to experience the delight of a spiced apple cider in shisha form, then look no farther!

Sweet Tang Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Sweet Tang
Tangy and fruity, this blend should bring back memories of various delicious orange drinks with a hint of delicious sweetness in the background.

The Dude Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

The Dude
The Dude’s signature drink has always been a White Russian, and we’re pretty sure it would be his signature smoke as well.

Tropical Explosion Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Tropical Explosion
Imagine the most distinct fruit flavors from the tropics you can --- Dragon fruit, apples, oranges, pears, lemons, coconuts, plums, bananas… take them and combine them all together into the ultimate fruit smoothie and enjoy!

Vanilla Mojito Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

Vanilla Mojito
Based on a drink consisting of white rum, lime and mint, our Vanilla Mojito adds that sweet touch of vanilla to sweeten everything up and make one of the most decadent smokes available.

White Rabbit Hookah Freak Shisha Tobacco

White Rabbit
The delicious taste and smell of a warm, moist carrot cake captured perfectly by the White Rabbit.

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