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The hookah setup looks very complicated, do they come with instructions?

Hookah Hookah is committed to providing expert support for hookah smokers around the world. Each of our hookahs comes complete with detailed setup instructions and we have a number of online resources including detailed setup instructions, as well as the history of hookah . Of course, if you'd like to consult a hookah expert directly, contact us, either by live chat or submit a ticket to us.

What size hookah should I consider?

Shisha smoking has long been a group activity and is something to consider when choosing your hookah. Any size hookah can be used by an individual smoker, but the size and weight of a large hookah make it the most stable for large groups of five or more. Large hookahs (28 to 35 inches) are generally constructed with wider tubing than smaller hookahs to keep the hookah in proportion and so are better able to support larger groups of smokers than small hookahs. Medium Hookahs (21 to 27 inches) can support groups of three to five people and are wonderful for solo smoking. Small Hookahs (20 inches and smaller) are best suited for groups of three or less. The compact size of small hookahs makes them easy to store or carry along.

How many hoses?

The number of hoses to have on your hookah comes down to a matter of personal taste. As long as the coal is kept hot and the water pipe is kept tight, there is no difference in the quality of smoking from a one-hose hookah or a four-hose hookah. All of our multi-hose hookahs come with complete with hose caps and rubber stem plugs so that extra hose connections that are not in use can be sealed off.

How often should I clean my hookah?

The water in the glass vase should be emptied after every smoking session. Remember that the water in the glass vase acts as the filter for the smoke, so we recommend that you wash out the glass vase after every use. Clean the metal stem with the cleaning brush and very carefully funnel clear hot water through the hose on a regular basis. Never use soap to clean your hookah, as it may contaminate the taste of the smoke. Both the metal stem and the hookah hose should be completely dry before smoking with them again.

The smoke is too harsh, what am I doing wrong?

This could be a number of reasons. You may have too much coal on your bowl and you may have burned your shisha. If you remove some of the coal and the smoke is still too harsh then you have indeed burned your shisha and will have to re-pack a new bowl. Also be sure to change the water in your hookah after each session to keep your smoke tasting fresh.

I'm not getting enough smoke, what am I doing wrong?

Most likely, the reason you are not getting enough smoke is because your hookah is not air tight. Double check the connections between the metal shaft / glass base, metal shaft / hose, and metal shaft / clay bowl. If you are still not getting enough smoke, it might be because you don't have enough coal on your bowl or that your bowl is clogged with shisha. Make sure not to make the wholes too big in the aluminum foil inside your bowl. Also, make sure you are not packing too much shisha and that you don't have it packed too tightly as this well also affect the amount of smoke.

How long does the flavored shisha last?

Shisha is a special blend of fresh shisha leaves, fruit pulp, and molasses or honey. When kept fresh, the shisha can last for up to a year. To maintain freshness, this shisha needs to be stored in an airtight container and stored in a cool dry place such as a cabinet or a drawer.

How long will one hookah bowl of shisha last?

Each bowl lasts approximately forty-five minutes to an hour.

How long will one charcoal last?

Each charcoal lasts approximately forty-five minutes to an hour.

How many bowls in each pack of shisha?

In a 50g pack there are approximately four to six bowls.

In a 250g pack there are approximately twenty to thirty bowls.

In a 500g Carton there are ten individual 50g packs, approximately forty to sixty bowls.

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